The ClipboardViewer registers itself in the Windows Clipboard Chain and displays the current contents. Text (including Unicode and RichText), Pictures and "FileDrop" (displayed as a String of Paths) are supported.
It optionally reregisters itself regularly (somehow sometimes it doesn't get updates anymore...). Also optional is a bring to front / send to back mechanism, so the window stays hidden behind other windows and only presents itself if the clipboard contents changed. You can also make it not show anything by double clicking the status bar; could come in handy when copying passwords while being watched. Note that this isn't really a security feature.

Programmed in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Requires .NET Framework 4 (I think).

Current Version: (random rapid number increase ftw)
Download (includes sources)
(to use it you only need the binary ClipboardViewer/bin/Release/ClipboardViewer.exe)

(Screenshots from before
If there are multiple recognized formats present at the same time, they are all displayed (right picture: UnicodeText in the top half and FileDrop in the lower half).

Future Development
One major enhancement that is planned (but may take a while as it requires some rewriting) is the usage of a BackgroundWorker as it solves unresponsiveness with huge amounts of data and probably improves compatibility with programs that use the clipboard in a strange way.

Changelog (2014-07-07): Now displays size/length information for pictures/text similar to the number of items in FileDrop (2014-07-06): Allow window position to be negative (i.e. on a monitor left of/above the main screen) (2014-01-03): show number of items in FileDrop; "-d" command line parameter for debug output; Secret Registry option to force garbage collection (2013-10-26): "(Hidden)" status indicator now has correct background (2013-09-20): Added Option to not display clipboard contents in ClipboardViewer by double clicking status bar at the bottom; also remove those old contents that aren't overwritten on clipboard change (somewhat improved memory footprint) (2013-04-21): Prevent Window from being positioned outside of visible Screen Space (2012-12-23): Save Window Position & Size in Registry (2012-12-13): Options are now saved in the Windows Registry; Added an url to the about dialog; (2012ish): ???;

You may use this program and its source code free of charge without crediting me in any non-commercial and non-military environment or project.
If you want to use it commercially, contact me: leo ät oneko dot de

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